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Bosch GDX18V-EC 18v Impact Wrench Driver – What's the Big Deal

Posted by Toolstop Fraser on 20th Mar 2015

Bosch loves being unique and attempting to use their extensive history in the world of power tools to bring you the best possible features and options in the tools you have in your hand all day.

So we were excited to visit their UK training base to get an exclusive demonstration of the brand new GDX18V-EC cordless, brushless impact wrench driver.

What on earth is an "impact wrench driver"? Well, you’re in the right place, as we have the demo of it on Toolstop TV.

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The GDX model isn’t a new idea, in fact it’s a patented Bosch idea. They’ve combined a 1/4" hex tool holder with a 1/2" square drive, meaning it’ll take screwdriver bits and sockets. All in the one tool. Easy.

So why should we upgrade to the GDX18 V-EC?

Bosch GDX18 V-EC – What are the Features? – Click to Buy

Right out of the supplied L-Boxx carry case, you know you’re holding something special. As you’d expect, the GDX18V-EC is tough and robust, but it weighs a mere 1.7kg once you’ve fitted a Bosch 18v li-ion battery pack.

Fitted inside the housing is a Bosch EC-motor, (Electronically Commutated). This is just fancy talk for "brushless", and Bosch state that its EC motors will give you up to 100% longer lifetime due to the lack of brushes, we wear out and need replaced. We’ve got a demo of EC motors which you can watch here.

As we’ve consistently seen, brushless power tools like this are lighter than their traditional brushed-motor cousins, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take a knock. They can, and the housing on the GDX18V-EC protects all the inner workings while offering you soft rubberised grips in the right places, meaning this will feel fantastic in your hand all day.

And it’ll run all day too, with Bosch publishing figures such as 490 6x65mm screws into softwood with one fully charged 4Ah CoolPack battery. Another fantastic benefit of owning a brushless power tool!

Brushless tools tend to be compact, and while we don’t have the headlength for the GDX18V-EC, you can see from our demo video that it’s a short little blighter, ideal for confined spaces, coupled with the inclusion of 3 LED worklights which are switched on or off at your discretion via the button on top of the battery housing.

Bosch GDX18 V-EC – What are the Benefits? – Click to Buy

Other than the great features we’ve outlined above, it’s important that we consider the practical benefits you’ll enjoy when you own a GDX18 V-EC.

As you’d expect, variable speed is on the trip, along with forward, reverse and a lock-off position. Nothing particularly ground-breaking here, admittedly. However, there isn’t any torque control, which means that an inexperienced operator of the tool to over-do it, stripping threads, damaging bolts etc.

Therefore, this isn’t a tool for the newbie, but rather is ideal for the more experienced among you.

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All of that being said, Bosch aren’t fools, and they’ve included a lovely bit of innovation on the GDX18V-EC, called "3-Stage PowerControl", which gives you 3 speed settings to choose from.

Speed 1 (1300rpm and 1100bpm) is perfect for screwdriving applications, particularly when you’re driving into softwood. You just don’t needs loads of torque. If you want to push those screws in faster, you can bump up to speed 2 (2000rpm and 2500bpm), simply by pressing the button located on the battery housing. And then for bolting applications, speed 3 (2800rpm and 3200bpm) will give you all the torque you’ll need.

All of that being said, the key benefit is the dual purpose tool holder, making this the ideal cordless, brushless power tool for drilling, driving and bolting applications. Simply slot in the accessory into the hex holder and you’re good to go.

We already know you guys are excited by the GDX18V-EC, so tell us what you think in the comments section below.