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Bosch Wireless Charging – Toolstops Practical Guide & Review

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 5th May 2015

We’ve seen Bosch innovate over the last few years in many ways, making their tools tougher and smarter and run longer thanks to bigger, smarter batteries and brushless motors. However, this could also be said about Makita, DeWALT, Metabo, etc. Tougher tools, better batteries.

So how does the German firm intend to put itself above the rest? By tasking its research and development team with coming up with a new, potentially more convenient way for you to charge your cordless tool’s batteries.

Bosch Introduces the World’s First Wireless Battery Charger for Power Tools

The German boffins have launched an exciting new innovation for the world of cordless power tool users like you; a wireless charging system.

We took delivery of the first tool available with these new batteries and chargers, so we made a video of it, which you can watch on Toolstop TV.

Within a few minutes of us uploading the video to our YouTube channel, you guys started letting your feelings be known! We love it when you talk to us, and it’s interesting to see your initial reactions to this new tech.

So, keep the comments coming, here on the blog and on YouTube.

Bosch’s Wireless Chargers – What You Need to Know

It can be hard to keep up with new power tool technology, so that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve studied Bosch’s tech sheets and we’re going to try to distill the hype down to help you get a handle on what these new wireless chargers and batteries will offer you.

Obviously, we’re thinking about practicality, about saving you time and whether this, as an investment of your hard-earned cash, will be worth it.

In the video above, we’ve unboxed the Bosch GSB18vL12W (W for wireless, obviously…), which you can buy here. Now this is a very respectable little combi-drill, putting out 25,500 blows per minute and 60Nm of torque. It also benefits from a brushless motor, which will last longer than a brushed one, giving you longer run times per charged battery, all the while giving a combi-drill that’s very light and very compact.

However, the head turner of this cordless combi-drill is the wireless charging system.

Save Time with the Bosch Wireless Charging System

As you can see from our image above, the supplied 2Ah 18v batteries will by 80% charged within just 30 minutes. Pretty fast.

But as is also clear from our photo, you don’t need to unslot the battery from the tool to charge it.

Think about that for a second; how many times a day, a week, a month, are you unslotting your batteries, then slot them into the charger?

It may sound daft, but simply placing the entire power tool, battery in place, onto the wireless charger, is quicker…Each time you’re not using the cordless tool, you place it on the charger, battery-in-tact. And it gets charged.

So, all those saved seconds across a week, a month, or a year will add up to a considerable amount of time..

A clear benefit of the Bosch wireless charging system is that it saves you time. Literally.

Interestingly considering that the GSB18VLi2W comes with two batteries, Bosch states that this system does away with the need for a second battery, simply because you’ll quickly get into the habit of dropping your tool onto the wireless charger whenever you’re not using it, thus keeping the battery topped up between jobs.

Bosch’s Wireless Charging System – the Batteries Are Backwards Compatible

Obviously splashing the cash on either the batteries and wireless charger, or a new tool supplied with the new wireless system, is a serious investment (although we reckon the new combi-drill is competitively priced). And we already know that its sensible to – where possible – buy into one cordless battery eco-system.

But there’s no need for buyer anxiety with these batteries. They’re compatiable with all of Bosch’s 18v cordless tools.

So, for example, you buy the GSB18vLI2W, you get 2 of the new batteries with it. You can use one in your new combi-drill and the other in your Bosch 18v cordless jigsaw or impact driver. Your investment is sound, even though you’ve bought into a new cordless battery system.

Mount the Wireless Charging Station Where You Need it Most

A great benefit of the Bosch wireless charging set-up is the supplied mount. Screw it into the wall next to where you’ll be working all day and slot the charging base into it. Now you slip the battery – still attached to the tool – into the mount. It’ll hold the tool securely while you get on with something else, keeping the charge topped up.

Again, as a time-saver, we think this will come into it’s own.

Think about it. You’ve set up an area for yourself where you’re cutting and fastening a frame together, perhaps in a new kitchen or bathroom. You’re using your Bosch GST18V-LIN jigsaw with one of the new 2Ah batteries fitted, and the GSB18VLi2W combi-drill.

While you’re using the jigsaw to cut, the drill is slotted into the charger, topping up the battery. Then you switch tools, slotting the drill into the charger while you cut a new piece of timber with the jigsaw. The drill’s battery is now being topped up.

This is a fantastic benefit to the new system. Your tools are always charged and ready to go.

The Bosch Wireless Charging System is Safe and Practical

Again, think about how many times a day, week, month or year you unslot the battery from your cordless tool. This creates wear and tear on the battery’s clips and contact points. After a while many people report that the battery starts to feel loose when its on the tool. Or the contacts become damaged and the battery won’t charger properly anymore.

Not ideal.

None of this is applicable with the Bosch wireless charging set up. First off, you don’t need to unslot the battery from the tool. And then you need to consider dirt and job site debris, or even water, damaging the contacts on the battery or charger, shortening – or even ending – the life of both.

Once again, none of this is a danger to the wireless system as there’s no open electrical contact points, making it safer and more durable and reliable than tradition charging solutions.

Equally, the technology involved in this system is claimed by Bosch to be less of a strain on your batteries thanks to something they’ve called “Care Charging”. Again, this relates to the way the battery receives the charge once its been placed on the charger.

Bosch has developed a system whereby the charge is drawn through the battery using inductive coils in both the battery and the charger. The magnetic field helps secure the battery on the charging station, and the induction generates a charging current in the battery.
All of this, claims Bosch, puts less strain on the battery when it’s receiving the charge, helping to give it a longer life!

Who Should Buy Into Bosch’s Wireless Charging System?

Obviously you Bosch-heads, the ones fiercely loyal to the German power tool giants, will be first in line to get their mitts on these new batteries and chargers.

But we reckon anyone who’s serious about saving time at work, anyone who can see the clear benefits we’ve outlined regarding your cordless tools always having a charge due to the ease with which you drop the tool, battery included, onto the charger, each time you put the tool down.

That, coupled with the fast charge time, the mountable charger rack, and the backwards compatibility, make the Bosch wireless charging set-up a compelling consideration for anyone looking to upgrade their cordless tools.

We want to hear what you think, so talk to us in the comments, and as us any questions you may have.