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BRAND NEW – Senco F18 Fusion Nailer – a Power Tool Spy Exclusive

BRAND NEW – Senco F18 Fusion Nailer – a Power Tool Spy Exclusive

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 28th Jun 2011

It’s always satisfying to be the bringer of good news. And in the world of power tools, it doesn’t get more satisfying to be the very first with the good news.

Needless to say, the Toolstop Power Tool Spies have done us proud once again, and as a result we’re extremely satisfied this morning.

We apologise if we seem a bit smug.

First off, here’s what the Power Tool Spy has unearthed this time.

While it could be easy to “stage” videos such as this, making it appear as if the tool on display really was brand new and that Toolstop really is the first retailer in the UK to see it.

But, honest Guvnor, it’s the truth. In fact, Mr Senco, or Steve as he’s known to his friends, had literally only collected the F18 Fusion the day before he visited us. It really is that new.

Right off the bat we can tell you the following:

– it’s the safest in class

– it’s the most powerful in class

But you probably knew that already, right?

Ok, what is Senco “Fusion”?

The term “fusion” isn’t new to the nailer market, Senco have already got a tool with that name, the Senco F15 Fusion. The reason Senco use the word “fusion” in this, and the new F18, is simple; they’ve fused the age old technology of using pneumatics to drive a nail in. However, to this old technology, they’ve added 21st century lithium-ion technology in the shape of an 18v li-ion rechargeable battery.

They’ve created a cordless pneumatic tool.

No gas cartridges to be changed or refilled and no compressors.

It’s a fairly genius concept…

So, basically, you pull the trigger on the F18 Fusion, the pressurised nitrogen in the chamber is released at 130psi and this action drives the nail into your worksurface.

The lithium-ion battery powers a small motor which pushes the chamber back and re-pressurises the nitrogen for the next nail. Senco call this “reflex-shot technology”.

Let’s be clear, the lithium ion battery does not provide the power to drive the nail. That all comes from the 130psi compressed nitrogen.

On the subject of nails, the naming convention used by Senco is astoundingly simply (perhaps Bosch could learn from Senco?).

The eighteen in “F18” stands for the gauge of nail that the tool handles, in lengths between 16 and 55mm, much as the fifteen in “F15” means 15 gauge nails. Simple.

In their spec sheet for the F18 Fusion nailer, Senco are claiming the following:

• Instant Trigger Response – Patented Reflex-Shot Technology

• Resistant to Damage – Robust 1/4” Aluminum Drive Cylinder, Durable Over-Molding

• Illuminated Work Surface – Nose Mounted LED Light

• Contact or Sequential Actuation – Selectable Switch

• Perfect Counter-Sinks – Thumbwheel Depth-of-Drive

• Powerful, Consistent, Eco-Friendly Energy – 18v Li-ion

Let’s pick up on one of those specs.

The “perfect counter-sinks” is managed through a thumbwheel on the side of the machine. You turn the wheel one way or the other to regulate the depth of the counter-sink and you’re aided in this by a small white marker near the safety trigger with a black line that moves as you spin the thumbwheel.

A couple of other things worth knowing about the Senco F18 Fusion nailer.

First of all, it’s a remarkable simple tool in construction. We’re reliably informed that the tool has only 31 parts. Battery tools have over 80 parts and compressor tools have over 100.

So, the F18 Fusion, for all it seems to operate off of fairly complex technological principles, is in fact a simple tool.

And you’d have to wager that less moving parts means less moving parts that can fail…

Secondly, Senco seem to be aiming this tool at tradespeople who cannot stand fuss. Not only is the “reflex-shot” a brainwave in terms of making your life on the job site easier (no gas to worry about, no compressors and hoses to rely on), but the F18 has an “EZ-clear” feature that allows you, with a flick of a lever, detach the nail magazine and allow you easy access to the nose and any bent nails that may be causing a blockage.

Finally, there is one other feature of the Senco F18 Fusion nailer that bears consideration.

The operating modes.

The F18 has three, one of which is simply “off”.

The other two, as described in the spec sheet:

Sequential Actuation Trigger (also known as restrictive trigger or trigger fire) operates in the following a sequence – depress the safety element at the nose of tool against the work surface then pull the trigger. After each fastener is driven, release the trigger and lift the tool off the work surface before starting the sequence again. This trigger is recommended and acceptable for most applications.

And finally, you can choose:

Contact Actuation Trigger (also known as dual action, bounce or bottom fire) operates in the following sequence- pull the trigger first and keep the trigger pulled while moving the tool along the work surface with a bouncing motion, depressing the safety element at the nose of the tool against the work surface where the fastener is to be driven. This trigger is recommended for use by trained professionals only in high production or volume applications.

So, in summary, we have a brand new tool to the nailer market. It’s going to be ideal for trim crews, remodellers, punch-out, or anyone who does not want to deal with the hassle of a hose and compressor.

It’s going to easily handle molding and decorative trim, furniture trim, window beading, blind pinning of upholstered and trim panels, rattan, scribe molding, cabinets, drawers and picture frame assembly

It has a battery, but doesn’t rely on it to punch the nails. There’s gas in there somewhere, but there are no fumes to contend with and no cartridges to change. There’s air in it, too, but you don’t need compressors and hoses.

It’s the Senco F18 Fusion Nailer.

We’d love to know what you think, or if you have any questions about it.

Could this tool be the answer you’ve been searching for?

Let us know in the comments.

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