CEL +IonPRO multi tool
Brand new from CEL UK, we’re delighted to announce the +IonPRO range of professional power tools (click to see the range we currently stock).

CEL UK is perhaps best know for the Power8 Workshop. But the brains behind the CEL range of tools, Chris Elsworthy, has created a range of tools that run off one battery. A concept that’s familiar to all of us.

This marks a shift in the direction of Chris’s company. The inventor has decided that it’s time to tackle the professional power tool market, creating a range of tools, designed in England, which for many (CEL UK has a cult following!) will be a welcome sight.

The range includes the following tools:

One of the clear advantages to this kit is the battery that powers the tools.

CEL UK now manufacter a 2Ah 10.8v li-ion battery
that the company is claiming "gives the longest runtimes of any in this class".

An obvious benefit, therefore, is the higher capacity offered by these batteries, and perhaps also the charge times.

CEL UK is claiming that the +IonPRO battery will be 80% charged after just 15 minutes on the charger. The battery can be removed at that point with no permanent effect, the remaining 20% of charge taking just another 15 minutes.

So, here we have a UK-designed collection of li-ion powered professional power tools from the inventor of the Power8 Workshop.

They’re affordable, they’re powerful, the batteries are long-lasting and interachangeable. What are you waiting for? Click here to see the range!

Are you exciting by these new tools from CEL UK? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share this using our Share Buttons!

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