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Cordless Multi-Packs – 3 Reasons to Upgrade Now

Posted by Toolstop on 10th Aug 2015

Mars Duo. Snickers Duo. Double Decker Duo. Get two of something is always better than getting just one, right? And what about selection boxes at Christmas? A whole horde of chocolate all in one box! Fantastic.

While the chocolate snackers among us prefer more than just one of our favourite bars, what about power tools?

What about having a box that contains two or more of the cordless power tools you use the most, conveniently bundled up in a stackable system that allows you to easily bring the tools straight to where you’ll be working?
why buy packages of cordless power tools

In this Toolstop guide we’ll look at 3 reasons to buy multi-packs of cordless tools and some of the kits available for you to upgrade to right now.

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Upgrading our tools is something we do regularly. It could be that our drill driver just isn’t up to snuff anymore, and we need a new one with a better battery or a better motor. Or we want to switch from relying on a corded jigsaw to a cordless one for more portability and convenience.

But what about going a step further and upgrading to a multi-pack of cordless tools? Here’s 3 reasons why it makes sense:

#1 – You Can Save Money

When you buy a Mars Duo, you essentially get two Mars Bars for less money that it costs to buy two seperately. And when you buy a multi-pack of tools you’ll more often than not get your bundle of cordless tools for less cash than it would you cost you to buy each separately.
why buy a kit of cordless power tools

Obviously you should do your homework before you buy, but eveyone loves getting a deal on new stuff, and buying a multi-pack kit of tools could save you cash.

#2 – Everything is in One Place

We’ve all see it and we’ve probably all done it, struggling onto a scaffold or through a cramped and crowded jobsite clutching a cordless tool under each arm while we try to carry our kit bag and maybe a charger.

And then at the end of the day trying to remember all the stay we brought onto the site with us, struggling back to the van to chuck it all in the back.

Obviously the first solution to this is to own decent tool storage boxes. But this, again, is where buying a package of cordless tools comes into it’s own.

That’s because more often than not the tools will come in a tough carry case. For example, Makita kits usually come in MakPac cases, DeWALT’s come in Tough System boxes and Bosch’s come in L-Boxx.

What are the benefits of these boxes?

Firstly, all your new tools will be kept safe and tidy in the box. Usually they’re lockable. And usually they’re stackable. So if you’re already using Makita tools, for example, you can supplement and enhance your kit by buying a multi-pack of tools supplied in a MakPac box which will be stackable with your other MakPac boxes.

Better organised means more efficiency. More efficiency often means you’re working faster and smarter. Getting the job done quicker means often means more money. You can follow our stream of thought here…

Either way, here’s a video looking at a triple-pack of cordless from DeWALT that comes in the excellent Tough System box. Watch it on Toolstop TV here.

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The advantages of this sort of kit is self-evident, especially for plumbers, for example.

#3 – the Right Tools to Get the Job Done

A huge benefit of buying a cordless multi-pack of tools is having the right tools for the job you’re doing. If you’re a kitchen fitter, a roofer, a joiner, a plumber etc, there will be cordless tools you use over and over again.
makita cordless multipack of tools
By choosing the right cordless multi-pack kit you can have the tools you use the most, with the right batteries and charger, all in one box.

Have a look at the huge range of kits we’ve got available for next day delivery right now
and you’ll see that among them will be the tools you need to get the jobs you do the most done.

3 Cordless Multi-Packs Worth Considering

Bosch RSGSBGDR18LI Robustseries Twinpack – click to see more.

Crazy long name aside, this is a brilliant twin pack from the German power tool giants, and it’s built around the "virtually indestructable" RobustSeries.

Bundled up in a stackable L-Boxx, the kit contains the afore mentioned RobustSeries GSB18VE2-LI combi-drill. From its all metal chuck to it’s 228mm headlength, this is a cordless combi-drill to lust after. It’s built to take a knock, Bosch claiming that via the DuraShield housing it’ll be fully functional after a 2m drop onto concrete. And it’ll drill 16mm into concrete once it’s landed…

Partnering it in this twin pack is the GDR18V-LI, another 18v cordless beast with maximum torque of 160Nm for hard screwdriving applications.

Under the removable tray within the L-Boxx you’ll find two CoolPack batteries offering you 4Ah of capacity and a battery charger.

See it on Toolstop TV here

Makita DLX2024MJ Twin Pack – click to see more.

Bundled together in a stackable, lockable MakPac tough storage box you’ll find two of Makita’s most popular and capable 18v cordless tools. First off, the DHP456 combi-drill (see what it’s capable of here), boasting a 4 pole motor outputting up to 1500rpm and delivering up to 22,500bpm when you’re punching holes in masonry.

Its box buddy is the DJV180 jigsaw, which you can see in action here. Not only is this a lightweight and compact jigsaw, it runs off one of the two supplied 4Ah Makita batteries and will give you 2,600rpm over a stroke lenghth of 26mm, with a choice of pendulum action to give you loads of control over your cut.

You can see our video of this twin pack on Toolstop TV here

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Dewalt DCK382M2 Triple Pack – click to see more.

If you watched our YouTube overview of this kit above, you’ll have seen how well appointed it is. From the Tough System box, which is IP65 rated (virtually guaranteed to keep your tools protected and safe) to the ultra-compact impact driver and the multi-volt charger, this is a brilliant cordless upgrade.

Again, we’ve got a capable, brushless and tough combi-drill, the DCD795, which you can see in action here. From the brushless motor, XR trigger and switch and two-speed all-metal transmission, this is a top rated combi-drill for all sorts of applications and tradespeople.

It’s partner in the box is another brushless 18v cordless tool, the DCF886 impact driver (watch DeWALT’s official demo here), delivering a whopping 165Nm of torque from a headlength of only 140mm.

Both of these brushless tools are partnered with the DCG412 angle grinder. And yes, it’s cordless, running off one of the 2 supplied 4Ah XR batteries. Watch our exclusive demo video here. This is no wimp of a grinder, despite it being cordless. It’ll deliver via the PM58 motor fitted within up to 7000rpm. And via the quick release guard you’ll be able to switch between grinding and cutting applications quickly and easily.

So, which cordless multi-pack of tools would you upgrade to? Which ones are you already relying on each week? Tell us in the comments below!

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