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DeWALT DCF815 Cordless Impact Driver – Who Should Buy One Today

Posted by Toolstop Fraser on 25th Jan 2016

Working, fast, smart and powerfully in a confined space is surely the dream of any joiner, kitchen fitter, suspended ceiling installer and plumber.

That’s where having a tool that’s small enough to cope in a tight space, but powerful enough to allow you to get the job done is essential.

So with that in mind, here’s the DeWALT DCF815 cordless, compact XR inpact driver! Shop now…

Watch our demo video on Toolstop TV.

DeWALT DCF815 – What’s the Spec, Features and Benefits?

Let’s start at the front. Surrounding the 6.35mm drop-in hex driver, which will turn bolts up to M10 in size, is a 3 LED “halo” ring that’ll shed loads of trigger-activated light into those dark cabinets, pokey corners and dim eaves. A huge benefit when you need to clearly see what your drill bit or driver is working on.

The all metal gearing is evident from the bare aluminium housing of the gear box, which gives the tiny tool a tough and robust look – along with longer service life, and this toughness is something that’s carried onto the grip, which – as you’d expect from DeWALT – is wrapped in rubber to give the tool extra protection, and your hands something ergonomic to hold. You’ll thank them for this as an impact driver is the type of tool that’ll be gripped in your mitt most of the day while you work.

And that leads us to the spec offered by this impact driver with a headlength of only 158mm and a diminutive height – when stood upright on the slim, slide-in 10.8v XR battery – or just 195mm..

The variable speed control trigger is part of DeWALT’s excellent XR system of giving you the user total control over the available 2450rpm, all thanks to the integrated parabolic switch.

The motor outputs 147W which is turned into up to 3400ipm, ideal for driving long screws into hard word and the stated torque of 107Nm is going to handle turning the above mentioned M10 bolts with ease.

DeWALT DCF815 – Who Should Buy It Today?

As we’ve mentioned, a cordless impact driver as small, powerful and compact as the DCF815 is the perfect companion – both in the hand and hanging from the tool belt – for anyone needing power and dependability in a confined space.

So, for those who make repetitive use of an impact driver daily such as kitchen fitters or suspended ceiling installers, we feel that the DCF815 is worth a close look, particularly if you’re already invested in DeWALT’s XR platform.

It’s designed to run off the 10.8v XR packs which keeps the size and weight down and comes in a couple of kit options, such as the DCF815D2 which is bundled with two 2Ah batteries and a kit box. In addition there’s the DCF815N which is the naked or body-only version, meaning it comes with nothing apart from DeWALT’s 3 year warranty when you register the tool online. (Note: so does the DCF815D2!)

Will this compact impact driver make it on your 2016 shopping list? Talk to us in the comments section below and remember to SHARE this with your pals on the jobsite!