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DeWalt DCS373M2 18V XR Metal Cutting Saw – a Toolstop REVIEW

Posted by Toolstop Katy on 4th Aug 2013

Using the correct tool for the job you’re doing doesn’t just keep you safe, it saves you time and money.

While having the correct blade fitted to your saw will ensure the best cuts, using a saw designed for the application you’re performing will provide you with a host of benefits.

We recently tested DeWalt’s DCS373 18v lithium-ion battery powered metal cutting saw (click for our best price). It features DeWalts almost legendary XR system, the benefits of which include efficient motor, intelligent switch and faster applications.

  1. Intelligent motor, switch and batteries
  2. Well designed shoe plate and guard
  3. Tungsten carbide-tipped blade

BENEFIT #1 – Intelligent Motor, Switch and Batteries

We noted, also, that the DCS373’s motor is fan cooled and has replaceable brushes. Obviously, any saw designed for cutting metal up for 43mm at 90º is going to have to churn out the power, along with the RPM, so keeping the motor cool is essential.

The very act of cutting threaded bar, unistrut, or metal cable trays is going to require a saw specifically designed to safely provide the high-power outputs needed.

Our test, which you can watch on Toolstop TV here (or via the player below) shows that DeWalt has engineered the DCS373 to give you the power you need via 18v 4.0Ah li-ion batteries, all in a saw weighing in at only 3.8kg.

BENEFIT #2 – Well Designed Shoe Plate and Guard

Another interesting design feature of the DCS373, and an obvious benefit to users is the new transparent front guard. Coupled with the LED light, this means you can easily see your cutting line.

Factor in the steel shoe plate, which is fully adjustable, the key benefit here is robustness. This saw has been designed to take the bumps and knocks typical on the jobsite. It’s also non-magnetic, so it won’t hold onto your filings after a cut.

BENEFIT #3 – Tungsten Carbide-Tipped Blade

It goes without saying that using the correct blade for the application you’re undertaking is essential. Click here for our blade buying guide.

Therefore, another key benefit of the DeWalt DCS373 metal cutting saw is that it comes supplied with 140 mm tungsten carbide blade.

This blade offers you the benefit of being cool-running, featuring 30 tungsten carbide tipped teeth, meaning your cuts will be a constant 43mm and burr-free.

You can see all 3 benefits of owning and using the DeWalt DCS373 metal cutting saw in our Toolstop TV exclusive demo below:

We’d love to know what you think about this saw from DeWalt!