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DeWALT DCS520 – The Ultimate Cordless Plunge Saw

Posted by Toolstop Fraser on 14th Feb 2017

The revolution and evolution towards a cordless jobsite is under way, and Dewalt took us several steps in that direction last year with the launch of a whole raft of brushless cordless tools sporting powerful 54v motors.

These are partnered with new batteries delivering 54v to the motor (and 6Ah of charge capacity when you slot them onto an 18v XR tool).

Now the much anticipated DCS520 plunge saw is here!

This is the Top 5 Things you need to know about Dewalt’s DCS520 54v XR FlexVolt Plunge Saw

#1 – It’s Available in 2 Versions

We’d recommend if you’re starting out with the XR FlexVolt ecosystem to opt for the DCS520T2 version. It comes with two 54v batteries, a 42 tooth blade, the DCB118 fast charger, bundled up in a T-STAK box.

However, if you’re already relying on XR FlexVolt and have batteries to spare, you can save some cash by shopping for the body-only DCS520NT

#2 – It Cuts Like a Corded Plunge Saw

We’ve seen loads of videos on private Dewalt tool users Facebook Groups of DCS520 in action, performing ridiculous cuts. We can’t post them here due to copyright, but it’s a very impressive saw.

You can watch our exclusive demo video here

At 90º, the 165mm blade gives you up to 59mm cuts, reducing to 55mm when you’re using guide rails. Bevel over to 45º and you’re looking at cuts of 44mm without rails, 40mm with.


#3 – The Enclosed Guard

We reckon one of the most eye-catching parts of the DCS520 is the blade guard. It’s a cracking grey, brushed-metal look. But it also keeps dust down by up to 90% due to how it covers the blade.

#4 – It’s Compact

It’s not the biggest cordless saw on the market, in fact it’s downright diminutive! The brushless motor helps keep it compact, with a headlength of just 303mm, weighing in at 4.7kg.

#5 – It’s Available on Toolstop Finance

The DCS520 is a considerable investment, so we’re proud to offer it – both the bundle with batteries and charger, and the body-only version – on Toolstop’s Finance facility.

It starts at 6 months, but there’s a 10 month option with 0% interest and monthly payments coming in at less than £60! This is probably the smartest way to get your hands on a plunge saw that’ll save you time and hassle at work. Learn more here.

Check out our top reasons to own a plunge saw here.

We’d love to hear your experiences using the DCS520, let us know in the comments section and SHARE this with your friends on Twitter and Facebook!