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Harris T-Class Painting & Decorating Tools – Toolstop Buying Guide

Posted by Toolstop on 15th Jul 2014

What’s the Best Painting and Decorating Tools for Professionals? Harris has been around for a very long time in the world of decorating tools. And we’re proud to be stocking their British made range of premium brushes, scrapers and rollers called T-Class.

Why buy T-Class? (Click to see our range in stock)

Harris has stated that they’ve listened carefully to professional painters and decorators, busy tradespeople like you that need quality gear without any compromise. And based on your input they’ve developed a range of tools that will give you the quality and efficiency you need.

In their factory the team of people working on the T-Class gear have over 200 years of experience in manufacturing painting and decorating tools and they say they’re confident that T-Class is putting the “Great back into Britain”.

T-Class Products We’re Stocking

Essentially we’re stocking two types of Harris T-Class product;

  • Prepare
  • Paint

So let’s take a look at some of the T-Class decorating tools in each category.

T-Class – Prepare

A great place to start in the Harris T-Class range of preparation tools is the 3″ Super Stripping Knife.

Check out the spec! It’s going to feel great in your hand, like the quality piece of kit that it is, thanks to the rosewood handle, bolstered by the stainless steel through tang.

And of course, the razor edge makes the ideal scraper for removing wallpaper, plaster, paint etc.

Click here to buy!

Continuing with the T-Class preparating range, check out the T-Class Hammer End Stripping Knife.

A key design factor in this stripping knife is, once again, the handle. This time it’s all soft grip, ergonomincally designed to be comfortable, but also to be very tough.

The end of the handle will take a battering, as the name suggests, so it’s the perfect professional scraper for knocking off tougher pieces of plaster and paint, and thanks to the razor edge, it’ll strip wallpaper with ease.

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Shifting our focus in the preparation stage now to wallpaper, not the removing of it, the T-Class range also includes an aluminium paste table.

Measuring in at 2000mm by 600mm,  is a light-weight but very durable pasting table, featuring an aluminium frame and “W-shaped” legs to give it extra strength. Ideal for any professional painter and decorator, click here to buy it!

T-Class – Paint – Brushes

Buying the best paint brush you can afford always pays dividends in the longrun. The brush will last longer, it’ll allow you to paint more efficiently and they’re easier to clean.

Our Harris T-Class range of painting tools covers brushes and rollers.

Below we’ve selected a few from the range we’ve got in stock to show you what you should be adding your professional painter and decorator kit.

First up is the T-Class Super CR paint brush.

For all it sounds like a sports car, it’s really a professional quality brush designed to be super-efficient in heavier-bodied waterborne, acrylic and alkyd paints. The perfect brush for cutting in emulsion, for example!

all know that hog hair made excellent bristles for paint brushes. These days Harris uses DuPont’s best Chinex® filament. These are “SRT”, or solid-round-tapered in shape, and they bend at the optimum point to give you excellent balance and control over the paint you’re applying.

Chinex® filaments also last around 7 times longer than natural hog bristle, which brings a sigh of relief to pigs everywhere…as DuPont says, there was a time when finding a better bristle meant finding a better hog.

Cutting in is a breaze with these brushes thanks to the hand chisled edge to the bristles, and they’re wrapped in a stainless steel ferrule attached to a beautiful FSC certifed beechwood handle, suitable for vapour boxes.

A good quality, professional-standard paint brush should always feel substatial in your hand, it should feel think and able to hold more paint, all the while enabling you to cover more of the surface per stroke evenly.

That’s what these T-Class paint brushes are about and we’ve got them in 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ sizes.

Next up we’ve got the Harris T-Class “Super Paint Brush” range of British-made brushes, of which we stock 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ sizes.

T-Class “Super Paint” brushes are particularly designed for working with oil based paints and stains, due to their use of natural bristles. Harris claim to only use the “100% finest” available, as you’d expect to find in a professional-grade paint brush.

These brushes benefit from 90% tops bristles, meaning the brush will remain stiff while holdling loads of paint. And equally, the benefit of having naturally flagged filamentsgives these brushes a lovely smooth painting edge; the brush marks will be virtually too small to see.

Like the CR range, the “Super Brushes” are perfect for cutting in thanks to the hand chisled edge to the bristles, all of which are wrapped to the FSC certified beechwood handle with stainless steel ferrule, again suitable for use in vapour boxes.

T-Class – Paint – Rollers

As with all of the Harris T-Class products we’ve looked at so far, the rollers are made in Britain for professionals, and are brimming with specs and features to back this up.

First up is this woolly mammoth of a roller. It’s the T-Class Juggernaut Roller Sleeve with extra long pile. Measuring in at 9″with a diameter of 1 3/4″ it benefits from a 1″ pile.

The pile itself is made of polyamide. This is a artificial replication of the durability found in the natural pile of fabrics like wool and silk. The particular type of polyamide used in the T-Class Juggernaut has been develop to hold and transfer huge amounts of paint, covering up to a third more than conventional rollers, according to Harris.

The 1″ pile is thermobonded together to stop it unraveling and coming loose in your paint as you work, either on semi-smooth to very rough surfaces, indoor or outdoors. The whole thing lives up to the Juggernaut moniker, not only in the size of the pile, the amount of paint it can hold, but also the tough construction it benefits from.

Click here to buy.

When you’re working with emulsions, eggshell, satin or masonry paints, another T-Class roller that’s worthy of your attention is the T-Class Sheepskin Long Pile.

Again, this measures in at 9″ x 1 3/4″ but benefits from 100% Merino wool, Merino sheep having the softest and finest wool of any of their bretheren! The pile of the roller cover will ensure you only ever get an exceptionally smooth finish.

The capacity and release of paint on these T-Class rollers is superb and they’re very easy to break in, plus don’t need to be pre-conditioned thanks for the wool’s natural oil. And bearing in mind how tough sheep are, it’s no surprise that these T-Class Merino wool roller covers are hardwearing also!

Click here to buy.

Finally in this guide to Harris T-Class decorating tools is this twin pack of roller covers, complete with cage frame and tray, suitable for any type of paint.

This kit is perfect for decorating professionals working on brickwork or masonry, indoors or outdoors.  Harris state that these rollers and cage are perfect for lasting the entire job due to their robust construction, without skimping on the quality of the finish.

As with the other roller covers, these tiger stripe jobs will pick up and release the paint evenly as you roll, giving you an excellent, smooth coverage.

All in all, we’re very impressed with the quality of the British made T-Class decorating tools and we’re delighted to be stocking them for you painting and decorating professionals.

We want to know from you what you’re favourite decorating tools are, so tell us in the comments section below. And let us know if you’ve got any questions about T-Class products.

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