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How to Cut Skirting Board With a Multi Tool

Posted by Katy | Toolstop on 8th Jul 2021

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to cut skirting boards? We have came to the conclusion that it is with a multi tool! These versatile tools serve a number of purposes, and cutting skirting board is just one of them. This Toolstop guide explains all on how to cut skirting board, mainly how to cut skirting board without a mitre saw.

How to Cut Skirting Board With a Multi Tool

What is the Best Way to Cut Skirting Boards?

Using a Multi Tool to Cut Skirting Boards and Door Stops? Here are some of our top tips.

Laying laminate or tiled flooring can be tricky once you get to the wall or the door! Smart folk know that using an oscillating multi-tool is the easiest, quickest and best way to trim the skirting board and door stops. This enables you to slot the laminate board or tile flush with the wall.

In this quick guide from Toolstop, with assistance from the giants of the multi-cutting world Fein, we’ll show you how to use your multi tool properly in order to get the best results. We also suggest which blades to consider having in your kit bag, too.

What is the Best Blade for Cutting Skirting With an Oscillating Multi-Tool?

One thing that can be a bit confusing is the huge number of accessories available for your multi-cutter. Obviously, the key is to make sure you’re using a blade that’s been designed for the job. However, the temptation can be to just slap any old blade onto the tool and hope for the best.

Instead, we want to recommend 3 of the best suited blades to help. Plus we’ll share a handy tip from Nathan at Fein as to the quickest and cleanest way to make the cut.

Eclipse MF3440WS

The Eclipse MF3440WS Flush Cutting Multi Tool Blades have been manufactured from high-quality high carbon steel for strength and durability. The aggressive teeth easily cut wood, making them ideal for flush and plunge cutting.

Starlock AIZ 32 APB

The Starlock AIZ 32 APB blades guarantee exact flush and deep plunge cuts in wood. They cut precisely right from the start thanks to their rounded cutting edge called Curved-Tec. You can expect highly accurate cutting with these blades.

Bosch 2608664131

Or how about the Bosch 2608664131 Best of Cutting Set. This kit is ideal for cutting skirting, as well as carrying out many other jobs with your multi tool. All the blades in this set are designed for long life and come with Starlock. They are compatible with Bosch, Fein, AEG, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee, Ryobi and Skil machines.

Which Multi Tool Blade Should You Choose for Each Application?

Nathan from Fein explains in our exclusive Toolstop guide which blade he favours for cutting skirting boards when laying laminate or tiled flooring:

Cutting Skirting with a Multi Tool Video

Top Tips for Cutting Skirting Boards and Door Stops with a Multi Tool

We’ve got 2 tips from Nathan for you on how to make the best and quickest cut with the narrow Long Life blade fitted to your oscillating multi-cutter.

  1. Cut in at an angle - Rather than using your multi-cutter to plunge into the wood, cut into the wood at an angle. Then ease it in a continuous motion along the skirting board. This method also helps clear the cutting line from sawdust. Therefore helping to reduce the amount of heat generated at the front edge of the blade, which will help lengthen its life.
  2. Gently rock the tool as you cut - This also helps clear away debris from the cut. Besides keeping the heat down, it also uses more of the blade face to cut. This avoids putting too much workload onto only one part of the blade. Again, this helps lengthen the life of the accessory.

We hope you have found this blog post helpful and have gained some knowledge on cutting skirting board with a multi tool and the best way to cut skirting boards. Cutting skirting boards is only one benefit of oscillating multi tools. What’s your favourite multi-cutter accessory? And what jobs do you absolutely depend on it for?

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Bosch 2608596132 CYL-1 Drill Bit For Masonry

Bosch 2608596132 CYL-1 Drill Bit For Masonry

Bosch 2608596132 CYL-1 Drill Bit For Masonry

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