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Makita BTM150 18v Multicutter – a Toolstop REVIEW

Posted by Toolstop on 19th Jul 2013

We’ve spoken before about multi-cutters and the fact that they can often serve you on the job site as a "get out of jail free" card.

You can read our guide to choosing the best multi-cutter for your needs here.Makita BTM150 multicutter

They’re the sort of power tool that has one huge benefit;

  • the ability to fit a huge variety of cutters or sanding pads to help you get the job done when no other tool can do it

We’ve got a guide to help kitchen and bathroom fitters choose the best accessories for their multi-cutter, just click here to read it.

To that end we were excited to drop of Makita’s BTM50RFX3 LXT 18V Li-Ion Cordless Oscillating Multicutter (click for full spec and our best price) with Neil and Chris of Caleb & Taylor Restoration and ask them to put it to the test.

They quickly found a job that it could be put to use getting Neil out of jail.

He’d nailed a piece of veneer board onto the wall without cutting out the hole for the power socket.

In came the Makita BTM50 LXT 18v multi-cutter to take care of the problem.

Makita bTm150rfx multicutterWe have a video review posted on Toolstop TV, see it by clicking here, or watching it in the player below.

So, what are the key benefits to owning a Makita BTM50RFX3 multi-cutter?

makita btm150 multicutter
For starters, Chris was impressed by the wide variety of tools supplied in this particular kit available here from Toolstop.

For example, the 2 supplied plunge blades and 2 seg (segment) blades are ideal for getting right into your workpiece, as Chris does in the video. And then you have the supplied sanding pads, idea for removing stock from particularly awkward areas.
makita btm150 multicutter
The Makita BTM50RFX3 LXT runs off Makita’s 18v lithium-ion battery system, probably one of the most popular and widely used power tool battery platforms in the world.

So, if you’re already packing 18v li-ion tools from Makita in your kit, the BTM50 will run off them too. Click here to watch our 3 Benefits of the Makita’s Battery System.

And then you need to consider Makita’s claimed charge time of a paltry 22 minutes, meaning your battery will be fully charged in the time it takes to brew and consume a cuppa.
makita btm150 multicutter
The BTM50 features the OIS Interface, allowing you to fit tools and cutters manufactured by the likes of Bosch.

The tool holder is also adjustable by 30° increments, across 360°, which means you can find the best working angle, even in an awkward spot.

Other spec includes:

Oscillations per min: Oscillation angle: Charging time: Speed Control: Extras:
6,000-20,000 3.2° 22 mins Variable speed control dial Dust extraction attachment

Watch Chris and Neil try out the Makita BTM50RFX3, and discuss its merits, in our video below.

What’s your "get out of jail free card" at work? Tell us in the comments below.

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