We thought that screws were screws; you drive them into your substrate and they fix things in place. That's before we met Michael Wilkinson, the inventor of the Tite-Fix range of screws. We asked him to demonstrate Screw-Tite.

What do you think? Could the Screw-Tite technology (such as the Tri – Lock™ TS Threadform, for example, or the fact that each screw has a single-course thread and a twin thread, etc) revolutionise the way you work? Face it, knowing that each screw you pull out will work efficiently no matter what substrate you're screwing into and that the screw will act has a powerful clamp is surely a game changer. Also, because the screw goes into the material easier than 'normal' screws, notice how little strain is placed on the tool. This means your drill/driver will work longer per charge as it's using less energy per screw.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

For more info on the technology within the Tite-Fix range and the problems these screws are designed to solve, listen to the Toolstop Podcast.


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