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Tools for Fitting Kitchens – The Best from Trend Routing

Posted by Toolstop Colin on 25th Sep 2018

Fitting a kitchen can be one of the trickiest, but most rewarding, jobs for a tradesperson. Of course, the difference between it being a complete success and an utter disaster lie firmly on two fronts; knowledge and the right tools.

In this Toolstop Guide, we’ll cover the latter; the right tools for fitting kitchens. And we’ll focus on one brand. Trend.

If you’d don’t know already, Trend is famous, in part, for its massive range of router cutters, which you can see here. In addition to that, the UK brand produces some of the finest routers on the market, along with jigs and power tool accessories.

Tools for Fitting Kitchens – Which Are the Best from Trend?

Let’s start with perhaps the most important tool from Trend for fitting kitchens; the humble router. If you’re joining worktops, using a router is probably the best way to go, especially when partnered with a jig (more on that below). Cutting out the slots for the “dog bone” or “zipbolt” connectors will be quick, easy and accurate.

A router with enough grunt to make these cuts is required, of course, and with that in mind, our recommendation for the best Trend router for fitting kitchens is:

Trend Router T10EK 2000W 1/2″ Variable Speed Heavy Duty Router – Shop Here

Referred to simply as “the T10”, and featuring a powerful 2000W motor with variable speed control, this is a great one-size-fits-all router. Ideally suited to pushing through heavy duty jobs like cutting worktops, trimming hardwoods etc, the T10 is as comfortable in the kitchen fitting world as it is in the workshop.

See it in action here.

Plunging into the material you’re working on and making sure the plunge is the correct depth is vital. The T10 features a two column precision base with large phosphor bronze bushes for plunging accuracy. The motor has soft-start to ensure complete control over each pass of a cut, and Trend touts the benefit of electronic full wave variable control which makes sure you have 100% control over the spindle’s speed when you cut. This is important when using the T10 to make delicate cuts into hardwood worktops for hot rods, for example.

Spec Highlights:

Rating Professional/Trade
Voltage 230 volt
Plunge stroke 0-80 mm
Power input 2000 watt
Power ampage 9.6 amp
Standard collet dia. 1/2 inch
No load speeds 8-20000rpm

Supplied with:

  • 1 x 1/2″ Collet
  • 1 x 35mm Clip-in Dust Spout
  • 1 x 30mm Guide Bush
  • 1 x Side-fence with Micro Adjuster
  • 1 x Storage Case

See all the details on the Trend T10 heavy duty tradesperson’s router here, and it qualifies for Toolstop Finance.

Keeping the dust and debris to a minimum when fitting a kitchen is also important, particularly if you’re working on MDF or any man-made boards. And the dust when routing a worktop has to be seen to be believed! With that in mind, a good quality dust extractor is another vitally important kitchen fitting tool.

Trend T35A Dust Extractor M Class Medium Duty Wet and Dry – Shop Here

A ideal partner for the T10 router is the T35A dust extractor and vacuum cleaner. And a massive benefit of the T35A is it’s M-Class rating, meaning it comes up to the minimum HSE guidelines for on-the-job dust control. The supplied filter is, of course, HEPA so it benefits from a 0.3-micron filter efficiency and nylon pre-filter. This is a must for collecting and trapping those tiny dust particles, preventing them from escaping back out into the air.

From a dust extractor point of view, it’s ideal for use with your corded power tools thanks to the 2200W power take off with auto-start, ie. you plug in your T10 router and once you start to make a cut, the T35A will fire up. Obviously, make sure you’ve attached the supplied 5m hose from the T35A to the dust port of your router first! As efficient filtration is a key component of a dust extractor, the T35A benefits from an automatic filter “shaking” function to help prevent blockages. However, if the filter gets blocked the unit will sound an alarm to let you know.

Click/Tap here to read our guide to power tools for fitting kitchens

Of course, you want to use the T35A to clean up the kitchen you’re working on. With that in mind, it’s supplied with an array of tools to help you fill up the 27-litre capacity drum at the end of the day. Stripping out the filter allows you to use the T35A for wet clean-up jobs also.

Spec Highlights:

Rating Professional
Power input 1400 watt
Voltage 230 volt
Dust category* M
Power ampage 5.2 amp
Auto-start max. (230v) 2200 watt*

See all the details of the Trend T35A M-Class Dust Extractor & Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner here.

ke the cuts in worktops obviously you need router cutters. Trend has made this easy by producing a set of cutters specifically designed for the jobs you’ll be doing when fitting the kitchen.

Trend Router Cutter TR/KFP/1 Kitchen Fitters Pack – Shop Here

One of the most important router cutters when fitting a kitchen is the classic 1/2″ or 50mm fluted cutter. This pack has two of them. The cutters have tungsten carbide tips to help them last a long time, even when cutting tough materials. There’s also an extra long straight fluted cutter for making really deep plunge cuts.

Finally, in the kit, you get a guided bearing cutter which is great for accurate edge trimming, for example.

Find the Trend Router Cutter TR/KFP/1 Kitchen Fitters Pack here.

Obviously pretty much any cut you need to make while fitting a kitchen can be done with tools like jigsaws, plunge saws or circular saws. Even a recip saw or oscillating multi-tool will handle loads of cutting jobs. However, the key benefit of opting for a router is the ability to use it with routing jigs. This is where it really comes into its own and enables you to quickly and accurately cut for worktop joints, curved edges, hot rods and loads more.

Here’s our pick of some of the best Trend router jigs for fitting kitchens:

Trend DG/JIG Draining Groove Jig – Shop Here

The DG/JIG from Trend is for routing draining grooves in solid timber for Belfast type sinks. It’s built to last as Trend has manufactured it from 12mm thick CNC machined phenolic.

Full specification on the DG/JIG:

Fall 0.5 degree
Groove pitch 50.0 mm
Groove length 455 mm
Slat width 19.8 mm
Length 625 mm
Height 585 mm
Width 12 mm
Weight 4.3kg

Trend BS/JIG Belfast Sink Jig – Shop Here

Period features, such as Belfast sinks, are becoming very popular in modern kitchen fits. The ability to create the right shape in the worktop for the sink is key. Getting it right first time goes without saying. That’s where the Belfast jig from Trend comes in. The jig is ideal for sinks 1050mm wide and 440mm to 515mm deep. To use it you need a portable plunge router with 12.7mm (1/2 inch) shank capacity and minimum 1300 watts and a template guide bush with 30mm outside diameter for main recess and 16mm outside diameter for water drip groove.

Spec Highlights:

Length 655 mm
Width 600 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Weight 3.6kg

Trend KWJ700 Kitchen Worktop Jig – Shop Here

Partnered with a router, like strawberries and cream, is a good quality jig. It’s as important on any kitchen fitting job as opposable thumbs. To that end, we’re recommending you partner your Trend T10 router with the Trend KWJ700 worktop jig. It has fixed lengths for between 250mm and 700mm wide (40mm thick) worktops and allows you to set up cuts for three 150mm dog bone bolt recesses.

In terms of the cuts you can make, it will set you up for left hand and right hand corners, 400mm radius peninsular joint, 45 degree end cut with slight radius, 45 degree trade corner solution for hob units, 100mm radius corner, 40mm radius corner, 35mm kitchen door hole and 3/4inch BSP hole for mixer taps.

Spec Highlights:

Length 985 mm
Width 390 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Weight 5.4 kg
End Cut 45 degrees
Corner Radius 40 mm
Corner Radius 100 mm
Corner Radius 400 mm
Corner Mitre Joint 45 degrees
Female cut material width loss 35 m

See the KWJ700 worktop jig here.

Trend M/KWS01 Worktop Scriber – Shop Here

Finally, we’ve added a great little Trend tool for fitting kitchens, the worktop scriber. It’s designed for those times when you need the offset between worktop jig and guide bush to make the setting up of your router that much easier. Rolling it across the edge of the female cut will accurately mark on the worktop where the male cut will be.

Spec Highlights:

Offset 8.65 mm
Use with jigs All Trend worktop jigs
Use with jigs That use a 30mm guide and 12.7mm cutter

Find the Trend M/KWS01 Worktop Scriber here.

That’s our list of the best Trend tools for fitting kitchens. What would be on your list?