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Triton TA184CSL Precision Circular Saw – Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Posted by Toolstop on 5th Oct 2016

With all the power you need in a lightweight body, Triton’s precision circular – the TA184CSL (get it here) – is packed with features and benefits, and in this guide, we’ll share the Top 5 Things you need to know about it.

#1 – The Power and the Weight

Circular saws must be powerful in order to make cross cuts in heavy duty timber, for example. And the TA184CSL ticks that box thanks to the 1800W (21/2hp) motor which spins the blade 5000rpm. But it packs this power into a form factor that’s easy to handle, in part due to the saw weighing in at just 5.1kg.

#2 – The Blade

It comes supplied with a 185mm blade. The teeth are tungsten carbide tipped, and with 24 of them, it’s the perfect circular saw for construction jobs where you’re not longing for lovely fine cuts, but rather just need to rip or cross-cut the material fast.

#3 – The Bevel

When you’re cutting roofing timbers, for example, you need your circular saw to bevel. The TA184CSL offers you bevelling options from -1º over to 45º, covering the angles you’ll typically be looking to cut on the jobsite.

#4 – The Cut

As we’ve seen, the motor and the 185mm blade are perfect for construction jobs, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be sloppy about doing it. Triton classes this as a "precision circular saw", and to make sure you’re cuts are true, it benefits from a front bail handle to improve your grip and control while you rip through the material, and a laser line which goes a long way to making sure the cut is 100% accurate.

In terms of cutting capacity, the TA184CSL gives you up to 63mm, and when you’re bevelled over to 45º, up to 49mm.

#5 – The Little Extras

In the box, along with the blade, you’ll find a parallel guide, pin wrench and hex key for blade changes, and dust extraction adaptor. Hook it up to a V-TUF extractor for M-Class dust control.

In addition, it features little things like rubber coating on the return lever to give you a nice ergonomic feel to the blade guard, and the upper and lower guards themselves are magnesium alloy. This keeps them ridgid and strong, while helping to keep the overall weight of the saw to a minimum.

Watch the TA184CLS precision circular saw in action on Toolstop TV.