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Bosch 2607018471 HSS-R DIN 338 Metal Drill Bits 1/2in (Pack of 5)

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Bosch 2607018471 Metal Drill Bits 1/2in HSS-R DIN 338 (Pack of 5)

Suitable for alloyed and non alloyed steel up to a tensile strength of 900 N/mm2, non ferrous metals, cast iron and hard plastics.


  • High elasticity due to low heat shaping manufacturing process
  • Low risk of breakage especially when drilling with diameters less than 6mm
  • Spiral flute with oxide coating for rapid chip removal
  • Long lifetimes due to tough core thickness and distinct hardness within the area of application


Use the universal cutting oil 2 607 001 409 when working with HSS-R metal drill bits.


  • Part number: 2 607 018 471
  • Product line: PRO accessories
  • Working length (L1) mm: 101
  • Total length (L2) mm: 151
  • Material, abbreviation: HSS-R
  • Drill bit, type: Metal drill bits
  • Diameter (D) inch: 1/2
  • Working length (L1) inch: 4 1/2
  • Total length (L2) inch: 6
  • Shank, shape: Cylindrical
  • Drill bit, shape: two flutes
  • Drill bit, colour: black
  • Drill bit tip, shape: B-tip
  • Drill bit tip, inclination degrees: 118
  • Cutter, type: Two-cutter
  • Cutting direction: right
  • Standard dimension: DIN 338
  • Depth: 1 mm
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Height: 180 mm

SKU: BOS-2607018471

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