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Dormer E500 HSS Duo M10 Tap + 8.5mm A002 Jobber Drill Bit

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Dormer L000E500M10NO2XA002 HSS Duo M10 Tap + 8.5mm A002 Drill
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Dormer L000E500M10NO3XA002 HSS Duo M10 Tap + 8.5mm A002 Drill (Set of 2)

The Dormer L000E500M10NO3XA002 consists of an 8.5mm diameter A002 Jobber Drill Bit and an E500 M10 Tap. The drill has a High-Speed Steel construction with Titanium Nitride coated tips for longer life and durability. The 2 piece set features a tap and its corresponding pre-hole drill in one convenient package, helping to save time and error.


  • Straight flute designed for threading both through or blind holes
  • The bright finish helps prevent built-up-edge when tapping sticky materials
  • High-Speed Steel (HSS) provides good hot hardness when drilling
  • 118-degree split point provides self-centring, low thrust and easier penetration
  • For use on machines or handheld applications


  • Drill:
  • Head Diameter: 8.5mm
  • Cutting Length: 75 mm
  • Overall Length: 117 mm
  • Tap:
  • E500 M10 6H

SKU: DOR-L000E500M10NO2XA002

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